Our Team

We have a wide range of skills and our own special interests. When appropriate, we work together for the benefit of the patient to assist in their recovery, maintenance and prevention of symptoms for the best outcome. Constant updating our skills and knowledge offers improved care for our patients.

We value

The individual & cultural differences; treating each individual with care and respect in an environment of professionalism and integrity.

Standards and independent review

We have successfully undertaken the accreditation process for over 20 years.

The enjoyment & satisfaction of our work

Helping patients recover & achieve their goals.

A warm, welcoming, friendly environment


Helene Taylor is a physiotherapist with over 30years experience. She brings knowledge gained from, many years of professional practice, ongoing education and her personal background in gymnastics, ballet and netball.
Helen utilises a combination of standard Manual Therapy and Western Acupuncture techniques with individualised exercise programmes and education.

Her interest in exercise as a treatment tool led her to train in Pilates. Helene is interested in Polestar Pilates style and has worked with, and trained in, Pinc and Steel Pilates (a programme designed for cancer rehabilitation).
In her professional career Helene has worked with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from those with acute injury, recovering cancer patients to professional athletes. She gains real satisfaction from helping people from all walks of life lead healthier, happier lives and is a firm believer in the healing power of exercise.

Helen has been active in sport throughout her life, particularly in Netball having enjoyed playing in, coaching, managing teams and being team physiotherapist at all levels. These days she enjoys umpiring children’s netball on the weekends and giving a little bit back to a sport that has been a big part of her life for so many years.
Helene’s active interests outside netball, include travel, tramping and the beach.


After completing her physiotherapy training, and working in NZ, Gabrielle worked in Vancouver and London, gaining experience and postgraduate education in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. She returned to NZ to work for over 20years in her clinic Herne Bay Ponsonby Physiotherapy.

She has continued with ongoing post graduate training including manipulative therapy and traditional and western acupuncture. She has practised since graduating although has modified hours to work around her family.
Although Gabrielle treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions she has a special interest in treating facial pain/headaches, eg: head ears, eyes, nose, mouth, cheek and sinus pain. She also has a special interest in upper limb pain and dysfunction.
She has successfully treated somatosensory tinnitus ie: tinnitus arising from the dysfunction of the musculoskeleton. Not all tinnitus manifests from the musculoskeleton (although it may be part of a combination of causes) and not all can be treated via the musculoskeletal system.

Gabrielle also treats some chronic pain conditions and has been especially successful treating chronic pelvic pain.
She has been an active member of the NZ Pain society and a longstanding member of the sports and orthopaedic, acupuncture, women’s health and occupational health special interest groups.

Her active interests include travel, skiing, sailing, rollerblading and tramping.


Steve completed his Undergraduate Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy in Perth, Western Australia. He worked in Perth, Sydney and London gaining experience before moving into Private practice. He has now lived in NZ for over 20years with his wife and two daughters. Most of that time has been at Herne Bay/Ponsonby Physio.

Steve has a wide experience in a range of musculo-skeletal conditions from sports injuries to age related dysfunction and uses a manual therapy approach combined with exercise, and education to assist in the recovery from injury and in subsequent rehabilitation.

His has a special interest in treating the spine, hips, knees and feet.

In his spare time Steve is a keen surfer and is also planning to do more tramping in NZ now that he has reached empty nest status.


Bryce is a New Zealand trained massage therapist with a degree from the New Zealand College of Massage. He has provided massage therapy in a variety of clinical settings over the past 12 years and also currently teaches on the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies Massage Diploma programme and provides massage services to Hospice West Auckland clients.

Bryce’s training and experience allow him to work with a variety of people: those wanting to relax and unwind, athletes, weekend warriors, those under stress or suffering migraines or pain syndromes.

Each massage treatment Bryce does is tailored to your specific needs on the day and he will modify any proposed treatment to suit your requirements. His approach aims to ensure you receive the best possible soft tissue therapy treatment to help you to attain your goals.